Kidney surgery saved the baby's life in the womb!

In Antalya, Dr. Selahattin Kumru and his team operated on a 16-week-old baby in the womb who had a bloated bladder and dilated kidneys. The baby, who, thanks to this operation, survived and was born at 33 weeks, was named Emirhan. 31-year-old mother Fatma Acar said: "Thanks to the efforts of doctors, I finally took my healthy baby in my arms. I am very happy."

The intrauterine surgery of the baby, who had a bloated bladder, dilated kidneys, and a lack of amniotic fluid that supports life, was performed by the Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Faculty of Medicine of Akdeniz University, Professor Dr. Selahattin Kumru and his team.

According to the doctor, "the baby, who was born at 33 weeks, had an abnormality in the womb, called "posterior urethral valve," because of which his urine could not normally flow out of his bladder, and began to accumulate there. If in such situations you do not provide timely surgical intervention, these stagnations pass to the kidneys, thereby causing a complete failure of their work. Since the urine cannot flow normally, a lack of amniotic fluid is formed (after all, they almost completely consist of fetal urine). Lack of amniotic fluid negatively affects the development of the lungs, which is the main cause of death in most infants suffering from this disease."

The baby's kidneys are functioning well

Dr. Kumru said that in Emirhan's case, a catheter was installed to restore normal intrauterine urination: "The catheter was placed so that one end remained inside the baby's bladder, and the other end remained in the amniotic sac containing the amniotic fluid. Thus, we eliminated the accumulation of urine, as well as all the negative effects on the kidneys. Having eliminated the lack of amniotic fluid, we also took care of the full development of the baby's lungs. Everything went well for the baby. At 22 weeks, we successfully installed the catheter. At 33 weeks after the catheter moved, after consulting with colleagues from the neonatal department, we decided to perform the delivery. At the moment, the functioning of the baby's kidneys is good."

This diagnosis was made after the third month of pregnancy. As the doctor stated: "In such cases, as soon as we are sure that the kidneys are functioning, we perform bypass surgery."

We were referred to a specialist

Fevzi Acar, the patient's husband, said that when she was in the third month of pregnancy, she was undergoing a routine check-up at another hospital, she was found to have a cyst. After learning that Dr. Kumru is one of the best specialists, they went to Akdeniz University Hospital. "Dr. Kumru showed the necessary attention and care. Thanks to his professionalism, our son was born healthy. At 33 weeks, our baby's shunt moved, and the doctors had to resort to preterm birth. Everything went great." Emirhan was safely discharged from the hospital after 5 days under constant supervision.

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